Sex Crimes

A Solid Defense Against Indianapolis Sex Crimes Charges

Even the accusation of a sex crime can damage your reputation in the community. Innocent until proven guilty does not always mean that people will wait before making judgments. Penalties for sex crimes are severe and may include prison time, steep fines and onerous sex offender registration.

Your freedom and reputation are at stake. You need an experienced advocate to stand up for you.

The Indianapolis criminal defense firm of Hayes Ruemmele, LLC has extensive experience defending members of our community against state and federal sex crime charges. We know how to build the most compelling defense to argue for dismissal or a reduction in the charges.

University Campus Rape Allegations

Date rape has become a more common issue on Indiana college campuses. An allegation of college rape on- or off-campus may result in university disciplinary hearings. These hearings do not always come with the same protections as a criminal court, but serious penalties such as suspension, expulsion or probation are possible. Our lawyers can defend you in these proceedings.

Broad Defense Experience

Sex crimes is a broad category that encompasses unwanted or forced sexual touching and illegal sexual conduct against another person. We can help if you have been charged with one of these state or federal crimes:

  • Sexual assault, aggravated sexual battery and confinement
  • Rape, statutory rape or date rape
  • Child molestation and Internet sex crimes such as child pornography
  • Online solicitation and prostitution
  • Indecent exposure

Our team will protect your rights at every step through the process. We conduct our own investigation and carefully review the prosecution’s case for flaws and weaknesses.

Fighting For You

You do not have any time to lose if you or a family member has been arrested on allegations of an Indianapolis sex crime. As soon as you speak with one of the attorneys at Hayes Ruemmele, LLC, we can begin to build a strong defense and protect your rights.

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