Photo of attorneys Ruemmele and Hayes walking outside
Photo of attorneys Ruemmele and Hayes walking outside

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Federal Criminal Sentencing

Federal sentencing hearings can be as complex as a trial. Federal judges must consider federal sentencing guidelines when sentencing someone convicted of a crime.

The guidelines are based on the seriousness of the crime and your criminal record. However, the guidelines are now only advisory. The trial court must also consider the nature and circumstances of the offense and the history and characteristics of the accused.

Hayes Ruemmele LLC will work with experts to coordinate a comprehensive report to the court about you. Courts have relied on its comprehensive reports in imposing sentences below the advisory guidelines. The lawyers at Hayes Ruemmele LLC have extensive experience dealing with the guidelines and mitigation and can help you understand them.

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The attorneys at Hayes Ruemmele LLC know how to navigate the federal sentencing guidelines and have the resources available to help deliver the best possible results. Call 317-978-9779 or send a message to schedule a consultation with our Indianapolis-based federal criminal lawyers today so we can begin to prepare your vigorous defense.