Photo of attorneys Ruemmele and Hayes walking outside
Photo of attorneys Ruemmele and Hayes walking outside

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Our collaborative approach allows us to see a case from various angles to identify all legal defenses.

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Sexual Abuse Victims

Sexual Abuse And Molestation Victims

Sexual abuse affects far too many young people across Indiana. Trusted adults – teachers, coaches, pastors, priests, scout leaders and others – can destroy lives when they abuse their positions and molest or rape a child.

While the individual can be tried criminally for committing the sex crime, it is rare that a victim can hold that person financially accountable. On the other hand, a church, school or public organization might be liable for the perpetrator’s behavior if it failed to complete background checks or supervise those working with children. You need to speak with a lawyer who understands this complicated area of the law.

Experience And Dedication To Your Case

Hayes Ruemmele LLC has more than five decades of combined legal experience and has sought remedies for families affected by child sex abuse in Indiana. Our attorneys work together as a team on your case with a devotion to obtain the best possible outcome.

We have the experience and skill to represent:

  • Child and adult victims of abuse
  • Victims of authority figures such as clergy or teachers
  • Institutional abuse victims

Our team knows what is required to present molestation and sexual abuse cases. After meeting with you, we will thoroughly investigate and prepare for each step from negotiations to trial.

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A monetary award can never fully compensate for the damage caused by sexual abuse; however, a lawsuit may force a church, school or community organizations to carefully screen and monitor those who work with children going forward. Compensation can also pay for expenses tied to long-term psychological medical care.

To speak with our skilled team of attorneys, call our Indianapolis office at 317-978-9779 or complete our form to schedule an appointment. We do not charge to initially meet with you.