A whistleblower is a person who exposes fraud and waste involving government programs or in companies that are paid by the government. For instance, a billing clerk may discover that a physician is using billing codes to receive a higher reimbursement than Medicare or Medicaid would normally pay.

Whistleblowers can bring lawsuits in the name of the government to recover fraudulently paid money in health care, government contracting, environmental regulations, securities violations and tax fraud, among others. Whistleblowers face challenges in making the choice to step forward and do the right thing. Many times, whistleblowers are unlawfully retaliated against or terminated. Don’t go it alone.

Do You Need A Whistleblower Protection Attorney

  • Have you discovered that your employer is cheating the state of Indiana or the U.S. government by over-charging, improperly double billing, upcoding or billing for services or items not provided?
  • Have you discovered that your employer has cheated the IRS by not properly reporting its income? And that under-reporting totals over two million dollars?
  • Have you reported your discoveries to your employer?
  • Has your employer retaliated against you for reporting your discoveries?

If you are in a position to expose fraud or waste, you need legal advice before you go to the authorities.

Speak With A Skilled Advocate

You may need a whistleblower protection attorney to help preserve your employment. The attorneys at Sweeney Hayes have represented whistleblowers in the healthcare industry and as well as with the IRS. Contact Sweeney Hayes today. You may be eligible for a reward for discovering these improprieties.