Injury Civil Rights

Remedies Following Serious Injury Or Death

Serious injuries can occur in many different way and often when you least expect. Our mission is to correct injustices.

Hayes Ruemmele LLC, represents clients in Indianapolis and across the state of Indiana who have been seriously injured in DUI accidents. We also represent families in wrongful death cases when a loved one dies in police custody. With combined legal experience of more than 40 years, our attorneys can explain how federal laws may provide you with a remedy. We have the experience to hold an officer or police department liable for misconduct.

Police Misconduct & Serious Injury

The police are held to high standards. Sometimes the acceptable limits are exceeded and an encounter with law enforcement leaves you or a family member with a serious injury. This can occur with the unwarranted use of a taser, excessive force or a prison or jail injury. We will take the time to listen to what happened and investigate whether remedies are available.

The facts of the case will affect whether a prosecutor brings a criminal charge against an officer for an incident of misconduct.

A civil case may also proceed whether or not criminal charges are filed. When there is evidence to prove by a preponderance of the evidence that a police officer breached his or her duty of care, it is possible to obtain compensation to offset medical bills and other expenses.

The representation of an experienced attorney often makes the difference in correcting a wrong. To learn more from the civil rights and injury lawyers at Hayes Ruemmele LLC, please call (317) 491-1050 or complete our online confidential form. An initial consult is of no change.