Does the State say they have DNA evidence against you?  The case does not end there. What kind of DNA is it? How good was the sample? Where was it found, and how did it get there? These are questions Hayes and Ruemmele are prepared to investigate.   Here are a few things you should Continue Reading

For over a decade the Arrestee Processing Center (“APC”) located at 752 East Market Street, Indianapolis, IN, processed thousands of individuals arrested from everything ranging from alcohol and drug offenses to high level felonies such as rape, child molest, and even murder.  The APC served as a holding facility for those who were recently detained, Continue Reading

“Will I get a bond?” is perhaps the first question Indianapolis criminal defense attorneys have to answer when speaking to someone charged with murder.  Until recently, the answer from an experienced murder attorney would be “not a chance,” however, recent developments in Indiana jurisprudence dramatically changes that answer. Article 1, section 17 of the Indiana Continue Reading

One of the first questions criminal defense attorneys get from people charged with crimes are:  Will my case go Federal or will it stay in State court?  This question is especially prevalent for individuals alleged to be involved in drug conspiracy cases, child pornography, internet sex crimes, felon in possession of a gun, and white Continue Reading

Every American is given the right to bear arms, as laid out in the second amendment of the United States Constitution. But the right to firearm possession varies a great deal from state to state. Whether you are new to Indiana or simply misinformed, it is not difficult to end up in trouble for the Continue Reading

When you are accused of business fraud, your entire reputation is suddenly on the line. With just one mistake, you could potentially lose everything you’ve worked so hard to build. That’s why it’s so important to work with a criminal defense attorney, should you be charged with fraud. Approximately 68 million people throughout the nation Continue Reading

You probably know that homicide is the killing of another human. But in order for homicide to be considered a murder under Indiana law, that act must be intentional. If you’ve been charged with murder in Indiana, you need a reputable Indianapolis murder defense attorney to assist you throughout your criminal case. Your murder defense Continue Reading

According to the FBI’s latest crime statistics, there was a 3.9% increase in the estimated number of violent crimes that took place in 2015. And, increasingly, these violent crimes involve the use of firearms, which were used in 71.5% of murders, 40.8% of robberies, and 24% of aggravated assaults nationwide. As a result, prosecutors are Continue Reading