Indianapolis Possession, Distribution, and Manufacturing of Methamphetamine

During the course of the past twenty years, Methamphetamines became such a public policy concern that the Indiana legislature authored several statues that solely apply to the possession, sale, or manufacturing of Methamphetamines.

Indiana Code 35-48-4-1.1, “Dealing in Methamphetamine,” outlaws the sale or distribution of methamphetamines.  The statute makes it a level 5 felony to manufacture, deliver, or possess with the intent to deliver.  This statute allows prosecutors to charge individuals with a level 2 felony  if the amount of methamphetamine exceeds ten (10) grams; if the amount of  methamphetamine is more than five (5) grams and enhancing circumstances apply; or the person is manufacturing the drug and the manufacture results in an explosion causing serious bodily injury to a person other than the manufacturer.

Under Indiana Code 35-48-4-6.1, possession of methamphetamines without a valid prescription is at minimum a level 6 felony.   The penalty associated with this charge can increase to a level 3 felony if the weight of the drug is at least twenty-eight (28) grams or the amount exceeds ten grams and enhancing circumstances apply.

Often time methamphetamine charges are accompanied by the illegal possession of paraphernalia, the illegal possession of a syringe, maintaining a common nuisance, or the possession of drug precursors.  These add on charges can range from misdemeanors to level 5 felonies.

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