Possession and Distribution of Cocaine or Narcotic Drug in Indianapolis

Indiana has two separate statutes that differentiate cocaine and narcotic drugs from other controlled substances.  Instead of grouping cocaine and narcotic drugs alongside other controlled substances, Indiana code criminalizes dealing in cocaine or a narcotic drug under Indiana Code 35-48-4-1, and prohibits the unauthorized possession of cocaine and Schedule I or II narcotics under Indiana Code 35-48-4-6.

Dealing in cocaine or a narcotic drug is strictly prohibited and starts as a level 5 felony.  This charge can be enhanced to as high as a level 2 felony if the weight of the drug is over ten (10) grams, or if the weight of the drug is more than five (5) grams, and enhancing circumstances apply.

Under Indiana Code 35-48-4-6, possession of cocaine or a narcotic drug classified in schedule I or II without a valid prescription is at minimum a level 6 felony.   The penalty associated with this charge can increase to a level 3 felony if the weight of the drug is at least twenty-eight (28) grams, or the amount exceeds ten grams and enhancing circumstances apply.

Given the specific emphasis that the Indiana code puts on cocaine and narcotic drugs, it should come as no surprise that simply possessing these types of drugs can lead to a prison sentence of up to thirty (30) years.

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