Marion County

There are 22 criminal courts In Marion County located in Indianapolis. They are divided up in different divisions, with different levels of felonies and misdemeanors assigned to each. Most of the courts are located in the city County building at 200 East Washington. Traffic court is located at 8115 East Washington St. Beach Grove has its own city court located at 802 Main St. in the City Hall. Every criminal court has a commissioner, in addition to the judge. The workload is divided between the judge and the commissioner, with the judges handling most of the jury trials in the court that are expected to last more than one day.

The juvenile detention center is located at 2451 North Keystone Ave.

As of September 23, 2017, the arrest processing center (APC) closed and all operations were transferred to the basement of the City County Building. Although it is unclear, some arrestees in need of mental or homelessness solutions rather than incarceration may still be transported to the facility above the APC, the Reuben Engagement Center.

Marion County criminal courts are in transition constantly, accommodating the volume of persons arrested in the County. The information desk in the City County Building is a very useful tool in making sure that a person arrives in the correct location and on time. It is also important to know that it takes about 15 minutes to be processed through the metal detectors early in the morning or early afternoon during the busiest parts of the day. Please allow yourself plenty of time. Also be advised that the activities of the court on any particular day may be moved to a different location within the same building, but perhaps on a different floor. When a court’s docket has been moved, it is usually posted on the door outside the court room. Again, please allow yourself plenty of time to find the location where the court’s docket will be heard on that day.
Diversion programs are available for first offenders on some low level offenses. Upon successful completion of the diversion program, the charge is dismissed. Those programs are administered through the prosecutor’s office, and the terms and conditions of those programs are within the discretion of the prosecutor and may change from time to time. Arrangements for the diversion program are worked out between you, your attorney and the prosecutor, usually at a pretrial following the initial hearing.
Marion County Community Corrections is located at 140 E. Washington St. Home detention, work release , pretrial detention, and other pretrial services are monitored through Community Corrections.

Marion County has a Drug Treatment Diversion and Reentry Court Program. Drug Treatment Diversion Court allows those who are need of drug treatment to petition to have their case dismissed upon successful completion of an extensive drug program. Reentry Court is available to those who need assistance with transitioning back into the community. They participate in rehabilitation and treatment services, undergo drug screening, and receive resources necessary to secure housing and employment.
The Marion County Jail has taken days to transition inmates out following their release date. There are pending lawsuits against the jail, challenging their failure to promptly release those who have either posted bond, served their sentence, or are no longer legally held on pending charges. Please be advised of this potential problem, make note of it, and call an attorney to assist you. Call Hayes Ruemmele LLC for help with any case or issues you may have in Marion County. 317-491-1050