Hendricks County

Are You in Need of a Hendricks County Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The courts in Hendricks County are located in Danville, Indiana. The courts are comprised of one circuit court, and five Superior Courts. There is also a Brownsburg town court, an Avon town court, and a Plainfield town court.

Cases in Hendricks County are rotated by the week. Juvenile cases are filed in Superior Court three.  Most domestic relations cases are filed in Circuit Court, and Superior courts one, two, three, and four. Domestic violence cases are filed in Superior five. Infractions and ordinance violations are filed in Superior five and also in the town courts. Check deception cases are filed in the Brownsburg town court.

Hendricks County has its own bond schedule.

Murder is a “no bond” offense. Resisting law-enforcement is ineligible for a cash bond, and the schedule requires a surety bond of $100,000. Persons charged with driving while suspended or without a valid license may be released without a bond. Defendants charged with a crime of domestic violence shower we made in custody for no less than eight hours after the arrest.

The Hendricks County probation department is located at 101 West Marion Street, Danville Indiana. A drug testing check in website is available online. Home detention is also monitored through probation. 80 offenders can be monitored any given time. They are monitored with active radio frequency technology and breath testing equipment. The equipment uses phone lines and a central computer station to transmit information. All persons on home detention must be screened using a risk assessment tool prior to sentencing. The goal of home detention is to provide an alternative to incarceration, while protecting the public from someone found to be a moderate risk.

Hendricks County Also has a drug court held in Superior Court 4. Hendricks County also has an alcohol and drug services program administered through the probation department. This program is available to treat substance-abuse, where it has been found to be a contributing factor to the arrest.

The Hendricks county work release facility is located at 200 E. Campus Boulevard in Danville, Indiana.  Within 72 hours of admission, all residents of the work release facility are given a risk assessment to determine their risk for victimization or predatory behavior. Residents are not disciplined for refusal to answer questions or disclose information during the assessment process. The results are disseminated on a “need to know” basis. The risk assessment is used to determine dormitory and bed assignments, toward the goal of ensuring that the residents are safe during their stay. Within 30 days, the residents are re-evaluated based on new information since intake, taking into consideration the staff reports and changes in behavior.

Any person pre–screened for home detention, alcohol monitoring, or work release shall be required to submit to a urine drug screen, regardless of the nature of the offense.

Hendricks County has its own local rules. Your Hendricks County criminal defense lawyer needs to be familiar with the rules to avoid having motions denied for the failure to comply.

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