Hancock County

Are You in Need of a Hancock County Criminal Defense Attorney?

The Hancock County courts are located at Hancock County Courthouse, 9 E. Main Street Greenfield, IN 46140. Probation is located in the same building.

Hancock County has its own local rules. Superior court 1 and Circuit court handle most major felonies. Superior Court 2 handles low-level felonies misdemeanors and infractions. Protective orders are filed in Superior Court 1.   

Discovery is not necessarily automatic in Hancock County. The State is required to disclose and furnish all relevant items and information in their possession within 30 days from the date of an attorney’s appearance, subject to limitations.    A written motion is required for additional discovery. (Note that discovery is broader than what is “relevant”).   Criminal histories do not have to be furnished by the State or the defense unless the criminal history is already in possession of the party.  In all cases triable by jury, final lists of witnesses and exhibits shall be exchanged at least  6 0 days before trial, and discovery shall be completed thirty days prior to the trial unless otherwise agree to by the parties or ordered by the court. Independent medical exams shall be completed at least 120 before trial and reports thereon within 45 days from the date of the exam. In cases tri able before the court (misdemeanors where a jury has not been requested, or felonies set for jury but jury trial has been waived in writing), witness and exhibits lists shall be exchanged at least 60 days before trial and discovery shall be completed 30 days prior to trial, unless otherwise agree to by the parties or ordered by the court.  Parties may consent to “alternate service” and make use of boxes in the courthouse for service. Any firm or attorney may, without charge, maintain an assigned box in the Hancock County Courthouse. Deposits made in the assigned box shall be deemed to constitute and be accepted as service. Any cash bond posted in Hancock County may be retained to cover fees for pauper counsel (a PD), community correction or probation, restitution, court costs, fines, special fees, child support, or any other cost or fee ordered by the court.  

Probation offers programs for several programs to help those in need. First Offenders are for juvenile charged with delinquent offenses.  Substance Education educates youth on the myths surrounding substance abuse and addiction. Supported Outpatient Program (SOP) is for juveniles who require additional treatment, and who have relapsed during probation supervision. Alternatives to Domestic Violence is a 22-week group treatment program through Family Service Association. Participants are expected to remain drug and alcohol-free through the term of the program.

Hancock County Community Corrections is located at 233 E. Main Street, Greenfield Indiana 46140. Programs include Day Reporting, Home Detention, with Electronic monitoring, Work Release, Community Transition Program, Community Service, Drug Court, and Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM).

Charles Hayes and Jane Ruemmele understand these programs and will help you maximize opportunities within the system in Hancock County. If you are in need of a Hancock County criminal defense attorney, contact Charles Hayes and Jane Ruemmele so that we may assist you early on and address the conditions of your release, and begin the investigation process to fight for your freedom and work hard toward a resolution that is best for you. Call 317-491-1050 today!