Hamilton County

Are You in Need of a Hamilton County Criminal Defense Attorney?

The main courthouse in Hamilton County is located in Noblesville, Indiana. The courts in Hamilton County consist of one Circuit Court and six Superior Courts. Traffic court is held in Superior courts 4, 5, or 6, usually on Wednesday nights. There are three town courts located in the downtown areas of Carmel, Noblesville, and Fishers.

Hamilton County has its own bond schedule, used to set bail which is different than surrounding counties. Choose a Hamilton County defense attorney who is familiar with the court system you are in. Have a friend or family member call us before bond is posted. Sometimes, the court lowers bond if the court is confident you have contacted an attorney and will answer to the charges in a responsible manner.

Most misdemeanor charges and Level 6 felonies are randomly filed in Superior Court No. 4, 5, and 6.  Level 6 felonies involving domestic battery offenses, strangulation offenses, and invasion of privacy, and misdemeanor cases involving invasion of privacy are filed in Superior Court No. 3.  All other misdemeanor cases with domestic battery charges are filed in Superior Court No. 6. 

A drug court was established in 2010 to provide alternatives for those folks arrested for drug charges. A person must qualify and be accepted into drug court. If accepted, there are three phases to the program, the last of which requires at least six months and allows the participant to utilize skills acquired to maintain a drug-free lifestyle.

Hamilton County has a Veterans Court established to provide services to veterans. The court provides clinical assessments, education, treatment, and case management coordination.

Hamilton County has its own local rules.

Attorneys must be familiar with those rules, or risk having motions and actions denied by the court. Discovery is automatic under the local rules, which means that no written motion is required to obtain information the Prosecutor will rely upon at trial. Additional discovery requests, however, may be made by your attorney.

The probation department in Hamilton County is located in the main courthouse in Noblesville. Probation has a drug and alcohol team that supervises probationers who have drug and alcohol problems. Probationers are required to complete substance abuse education or counseling. Probation hires counselors with the special training in this area. There is also a field team used to supervise sex offenders. They conduct home visit and check on probationers in the community. Probation has a “Court Assisted Rehabilitation Efforts” program (CARE), which addresses issues of alcoholism and drug related offenses. For those who have been asked to do community service work while on probation, Hamilton County provides an on- line directory of businesses that allow probationers to work there. It provides information on whether the work is indoors or outdoors, and certain times of the year when probationers are accepted. It also specifies limitations on probationers, given the offense for which they were convicted and sentenced.

Community corrections in Hamilton County at located at 18104 Cumberland Rd. in Noblesville, Indiana. Programs include work release and adult electronic monitoring (or basically home detention) for both adults and juveniles. (Please note that in some counties home detention is also monitored through probation.)  Community corrections provides services for job readiness which consists of a series of sessions teaching job skills, filling out applications, creating cover letters and resumes, and selling skills to a potential employer.   Community corrections has a “Thinking for a Change” program, which uses an integrated cognitive behavior change curriculum to teach participants social skills and problem-solving. Community Corrections offers financial management courses, which helps with budget, discipline in spending, avoiding credit card debt, and making investments in education to increase earning potential.

Work release provides a program called Aggression Replacement Training. This program works with anger control training and moral reasoning, teaching participants to recognize threatening and aggressive behavior and how to consider possible consequences before acting. Work release provides a program to achieve a high school equivalency. Work release provides a HSE prep lab, which promotes and improves literacy and adults.

Charles Hayes and Jane Ruemmele understand these programs and will help you maximize opportunities within the system in Hamilton County. If you are in need of a Hamilton County criminal defense attorney, contact Charles Hayes and Jane Ruemmele so that we may assist you early and address the terms of your release, pre-trial conditions, and begin the investigation process to fight for your freedom and work toward a resolution that is best for you.