Delaware County

Are You in Need of a Delaware County Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Muncie, Indiana is not only the home of Ball State University but it is also the county seat of Delaware County, Indiana.  The county courts are responsible for any state lawsuits or state level criminal prosecutions that arise anywhere in Delaware County, including actions that originated on the Ball State campus.  The main courthouse is located at 100 West Washington Street, Muncie, IN.

Unlike most counties in Indiana, Delaware County does not have a superior court.  All cases are either filed into one of the county’s five circuit courts or directly into Muncie City Court or Yorktown Town Court.   Each of the circuit courts accepts both civil and criminal filings.   The felony criminal cases are assigned to the circuits courts on a rotating monthly schedule; but all felonies involving domestic violence allegations are placed in Circuit Court No. 1.  The misdemeanor cases that are not filed into one of the town courts rotate between Circuit Court No. 4 and Circuit Court No. 5.

Delaware County has its own set of local rules that govern case assignments and procedural processes.  All attorneys who practice in Delaware County are expected to be familiar with these rules.  These rules apply to both criminal and civil practitioners, and also have explicit provisions directed to juvenile and family domestic relation cases.

The Delaware County Prosecutor’s Office is required to provide discovery to a defendant within thirty days of the defendant’s initial hearing.  The prosecutor is also obligated to allow a criminal defense attorney the opportunity to examine any and all physical evidence, whether or not the prosecution intends to present the evidence at trial, within thirty (30) days after the initial hearing.

The local rules also set forth a presumptive bail schedule.  Defendants charged with murder will be given no bond, except by the court after a hearing.  A Level 1 felony carries a presumptive bond of $50,000.00.  A Level 2 felony carries a presumptive bond of $30,000.00, except as otherwise provided for certain dealing offenses.  A Level 3 felony carries a presumptive bond of $20,000.00, except as otherwise provided for certain dealing offenses.  A Level 4 felony carries a presumptive bond of $10,000.00.  The presumptive bonds for Level 5 and 6 felony offense shall be $5,000.00, a defendant may post 10% cash deposit in lieu of bond.  All misdemeanor offenses are eligible for a cash deposit in lieu of bond, are presumptively set at $2,500,00, $1,000.00, and $500.00, respectively for A, B, and C misdemeanor offenses.

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