Johnson County

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The Courts in Johnson County, Indiana, are spread out throughout the county. The county is growing so rapidly and new judicial centers have been built to accommodate the growth.

The Circuit court and 4 Superior Courts are located at 5 E. Jefferson, Franklin, Indiana 46131 in the main court house on the square. The Juvenile court is located away from the center of Franklin, 1121 Hospital Rd, Franklin, IN 46131.   The Franklin City Court is located at 1 Caisson Dr, Franklin, IN 46131.  The Greenwood City Court is located at 186 Surina Way B, Greenwood, IN 46143.

The probation department offers a number of programs. Behavior Modification Program, an Impact Panel program, a Domestic Violence Program, and Alcohol and Drug Services,

Community Corrections is located at 1071 Hospital Road, Franklin, Indiana 46131.  Community Corrections offers work release, home detention, day reporting, and rehabilitative Services and programs. Community Corrections also manages community service work placement.  Rehabilitative Services include NA, AA, GED, and other programs described below:

  Functional Family Therapy (FFT) program is a grant-funded project offered to Johnson County Residents only.  This therapeutic model services juvenile offenders and their families at a minimal cost of $20.00 per session. Parent/Adolescent is a Treatment/Tertiary Prevention level program.  This is a ten week, three hours per week course. During the first hour of each class parents and adolescents are introduced new skill and instruction on how to integrate these new skills into their family.  The program format consists of: Check-in, Nurturing Self Activities, Snack Time, Parenting and Communication Skills, Home Practice Assignments, Evaluation and Closing. 

P.R.I.M.E. For Life Is a 20 hour, closed-ended, alcohol and drug risk reduction program. Youth meet 2 times a week for 2 hours each session. This research based curriculum explores topics such as:  values, physiological and psychological effects, risk factors and reduction, tolerance, dependence, loss of control, future planning, and the importance of a support network.  Youth pay $120.00 in program fees and $25.00 for the required workbook.

Restorative Justice Conferencing/ Community Restoration– Restorative Justice provides a mediation setting were the offender faces his/her victim through a professionally led conference.  

Serious Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program (SHOCAP) provides a community-based option for the most serious habitual offenders, who would otherwise be placed outside their home.  SHOCAP is a level of heightened accountability within a graduated phase system.  This program requires a multi-agency approach that calls for intense supervision, electronic monitoring, individualized case planning and regular reviews by a professional screening team.

Thinking for a Change is comprised of 22 lessons.  T4C is a research based cognitive restructuring curriculum comprised of 3 basic components: cognitive self-change, social skills and problem-solving.  Cognitive self-change identifies thinking, belief, attitude and value building methods.   

Juvenile programs include Blue Heron Facilitator Training, offered several times a year to adults who are interested in utilizing cooperative learning skills for classroom or group instruction.  It provides 45 hours of hands on learning. The Family Resource Program (FRP) acts as a community liaison for the Franklin, Edinburgh, and Nineveh Hensley Jackson School Corporations, and the families of elementary students (K-6th grade) who have been tardy or absent more days than their school attendance policy allows.

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