Boone County

Are You in Need of a Boone County Criminal Defense Attorney?

The courts of Boone County are located in Lebanon, Indiana. The courthouse still remains in the heart of the city, Courthouse Square. The courts consist of one Circuit Court, and two Superior Courts. There is also a town court in Jamestown, Thorntown, Whitestown, and Zionsville.

Boone County has its own local rules. It is important that your Boone County criminal defense attorney understand them and abide by them. Discovery in criminal cases is automatic. No motions need to be filed. The State is required to provide the names and last known addresses of persons the State intends to call as witnesses, along with copies of their relevant written or recorded statements. If the State chooses to withhold the address of a witness, the State must make that witness available for deposition or interview by defense counsel. The defense may also withhold addresses, but must likewise make that witness available to the State.

Circuit Court handles misdemeanor driving cases. If a driving case is charged along with another misdemeanor, the case is assigned to Superior II. Cases involving controlled substances, battery, forgery, fraud, check deception, and other kinds of theft are filed in Superior II. Felonies involving children are filed in Circuit Court. Cases in which the only felony charged is driving while suspended are filed in Superior Court I.  Other felonies involving traffic offenses are filed in Superior Court II. All other felonies are equally divided between the courts. Notwithstanding, the judges of Boone County may agree to transfer any criminal case into whatever court serves the interests of justice or judicial economy.

Boone County has its own bail schedule.

Murder, Child molestation, and Child solicitation are a non-bail-able offense. In some cases, a request can be made for a bond hearing, where the prosecutor is present and makes a recommendation to the court. Charges relating to methamphetamine, heroin, and all level 1 and 2 felonies are set at a $50,000 bond. For out-of-state residents with even the lowest level misdemeanor, the schedule requires $2000 bond. Any person arrested for resisting law-enforcement, intimidation, invasion of privacy, or a class A misdemeanor or higher involving battery, strangulation, or stalking shall be detained without bond until at least the initial hearing. Bond in most sex crimes cases will not be set until after a full hearing. As is the case in many counties, a person arrested for a new charge while on probation or parole will be held without bond.  Any person arrested for domestic violence shall be kept in custody and not released for at least eight hours from the time of the arrest.  If arrested on an alcohol offense, even after posting bond, a person may be detained until his or her alcohol levels have dropped. In many cases, the schedules are not mandatory, and before posting bond, you should contact Hayes and Ruemmele. 317-491-1050

The probation department is located at 127 West Main St., Suite 200, Lebanon Indiana.  The Boone County probation department has a separate page where all agencies are listed that accept probationers who are required to do community service work. The alcohol and drug programs implemented through probation include Prime for Life Indiana Basic Education for first time offenders, Prime for Life Indiana Advanced Education for high-risk offenders,  and Intensive Correctional Treatment Program, with 60 days of residential counseling using evidence-based techniques by master level therapists. SLEEP TIME monitoring is available, which is a wrist monitor worn by subjects to detect sleep patterns in individual suffering from various medical disorders. A day reporting program is available, which allows a person to report at a designated time to the Community Corrections office. Random drug testing and other conditions may apply. The Community Transition Program facilitates re-integration into the community. Felons with a sentence of less than two years at the Indiana Department of Correction may be eligible for the program.

The Forensic Diversion Program requires participants to commit to the program for a minimum of 18 months to three years and be evaluated by a licensed mental health provider to make determinations regarding mental disorders. Participants must agree to all recommended treatment and sign releases of medical information. Other Diversion programs are available for certain other offenses, as well. Team Medication Assisted Treatment Program (MAP) is a program designed for those who struggle with opioid and alcohol addiction. Participants receive a monthly injection designed to help reduce and eliminate cravings.

The Community Corrections office is located at 127 West Main St., Lebanon, IN. All referrals to Community Corrections must be sent to the intake analyst prior to sentencing. Call or contact Community Corrections at 765–482- 2484 and request an intake form. There is a $20 pre-screen fee. The Work Release program is housed at the Boone County Jail. Persons eligible for Work Release include misdemeanors and felonies with more than 30 actual days to serve. Electronic monitoring is available through Community Corrections. A person is required to be employed, maintain a stable residence, and be considered low or medium risk, given the person’s prior criminal history. Electronic monitoring may also be ordered as a condition of probation for a period of no less than 60 days.

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