Photo of attorneys Ruemmele and Hayes walking outside
Photo of attorneys Ruemmele and Hayes walking outside

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What Happens When You Get Arrested In Indianapolis?

On Behalf of | Feb 5, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

For over a decade the Arrestee Processing Center (“APC”) located at 752 East Market Street, Indianapolis, IN, processed thousands of individuals arrested from everything ranging from alcohol and drug offenses to high level felonies such as rape, child molest, and even murder.  The APC served as a holding facility for those who were recently detained, and it housed a courtroom where these detainees would see a judge for the first time.  It wasn’t uncommon for detainees to wait more than 12 hours before being released on bond or even on their own recognizance.

In late September of 2017, the APC was permanently closed.  Marion County moved its initial hearing court to the basement of the City County Building located at 200 East Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46204.  These hearings are held throughout the day and even on weekends.  If you are detained pending your initial hearing, you will actually be held in the Marion County Jail as opposed to an offsite location.

If you have been charged with a crime in the Indianapolis area, it’s important to not only understand your procedural rights but also to be properly advised as to the steps to take if you have been arrested or when a warrant has been issued for your arrest.  You will also need to discuss with your attorney the distinction between personal responsibility, cash, and surety bonds, as well as to make an informed decision on whether waiting for a bond review will be a more prudent course of action.

Need a Criminal Defense Attorney in Indianapolis?

The idea of spending even an hour in jail can be a terrifying feeling.  If you have been arrested or are going to be arrested, you should immediately consult an experienced criminal defense attorney.  You need to prepare yourself for what to expect while you are being processed, and to position yourself to be released as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

The Indianapolis law office of Hayes Ruemmele LLC is conveniently located at 141 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46204.  For anyone not familiar with downtown Indianapolis, IN that means the office is literally across the street from the Marion City County Building where the initial hearings are held.

If you have questions regarding a possible arrest or what to expect when arrested in Indianapolis, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Hayes Ruemmele LLC today at 317-491-1050 today for a free consultation.