Photo of attorneys Ruemmele and Hayes walking outside
Photo of attorneys Ruemmele and Hayes walking outside

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Legal Guidance Crucial When Facing Sexual Misconduct Charges

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2016 | Sex Crimes |

Everyone should understand that convictions of a sexually-related crime can be devastating.

However, just being accused of sexual misconduct could be ruinous even without a conviction. These allegations have the power to destroy reputations and relationships so it is vital that anyone accused of date rape, child molestation or indecent exposure discuss their case with an attorney.

Legal guidance isn’t just important when it comes to a trial. Everything you do and say between the times you are under investigation and when a ruling is made can be put under a microscope. What you do in this time can help or hurt your case.

For example, when you speak with authorities, you can be scared and intimidated causing you to say things you don’t mean or that aren’t true. You may also give information that you did not have to, which can make it easier for prosecutors to build their case against you.

If you are subject to a search of your home or your car, you may not know if you can refuse to let authorities search or what the warrant restricts the search to. Figuring out your rights can be all but impossible in the midst of all the chaos that can happen when police storm into your home and start going through everything.

Your behavior on social media and the Internet can also be scrutinized. Too many people make the mistake of thinking they are anonymous online or that police cannot see their information because it’s not considered public. However, federal and state police go to great lengths to monitor these activities when someone is under investigation for sex crimes.

The attorneys at our firm know that there is much more to a criminal case than an arrest and a trial. We are prepared to help our clients through every stage of this upsetting situation; you do not have to go through this alone. You are encouraged to visit our website if you have questions about defending against sex crime charges in Indianapolis.