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Harsh Consequences Of A Drug Conviction

Drug crimes are treated strictly in Indiana with penalties that include time behind bars, hefty fines, community service and probation. Often these cases start with a search. Did you agree to a search of your vehicle during a traffic stop without knowing a passenger left behind cocaine? Did officers uncover marijuana plants or methamphetamine at your residence through a search warrant?

You need to talk with a skilled Indianapolis marijuana & prescription drug crimes lawyer who will stand beside you and stand up for your rights.

Located in Indianapolis and with offices in South Bend and Carmel, Hayes Ruemmele LLC, has more than 40 years of combined legal experience defending people in our community against criminal charges. Jane Ruemmele and Charles Hayes have defended hundreds of drug related charges. Our attorneys frequently combine forces on your case to build the strongest defense.

Suppression Of Evidence

In both state and federal drug cases, issues can affect whether the prosecution can introduce evidence at trial. For instance, if a traffic stop lacked a reasonable and articulable suspicion, the prosecution might not be able to use evidence against you or prove the case. Other defenses often relate to search warrant issues, involuntary consent to search or an improper interrogation.

Our attorneys recognize issues that other might miss. We can defend you, if you have been accused of one of the following types of offenses:

  • Possession of cocaine, heroin or prescription medications
  • Manufacturing or intending to manufacture meth
  • Growing marijuana
  • Trafficking across state borders or distribution within Indiana

Our attorneys have handled cases in both state and federal court, and they know when and how to try a case to obtain the best available outcome.

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